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Experience The Fastest VPN Service Ever!

Whether it’s high-speed streaming, browsing, security, file sharing, or privacy; you get everything with PureVPN!

We are living in a world where EVERYTHING is connected to the Internet.

Just look around. Your smartphone, TV, smartwatch, car, and even most indoor and outdoor items are connected to the Internet.

While being everything online gives you benefits, like everything others, there is another side of it too.

The bad side (that you wish it would never happen for you) is you are vulnerable to hacking.

You know it, right?

Despite all your security programs, hackers are able to still hack your devices and comprise your privacy and other data.

Facebook Analytica. ring a bell?

Yahoo email breach. Did you forget it?

The funniest thing is if you don’t ACT NOW, anyone, even your democratic government won’t do it for you.

You know it well.

But, you are not sure how to strengthen your web security.

What if I told you you can secure your web security for life?

What if you can get access to a premium VPN service for life?

That is what you are going to get in this new PureVPN Pro VPN giveaway.

(we all love VPN giveaways. But, this is the PureVPN Pro Lifetime giveaway. One of THE best VPN sweepstakes EVER!)

Features of PureVPN Pro Lifetime Giveaway

Everybody loves VPN giveaways…

But, you are going to love the PureVPN Pro Lifetime giveaway even more! 😉

  • Lifetime access to PureVPN Pro plan (RRP: $1,200)
  • Save $10 per month for life
  • Receive all premium features in the Pro plan
  • Use PureVPN Pro VPN account on 5 different devices at once (Think of using it for securing online security for the entire family of yours)
  • Receive updates for life for free
  • Open worldwide and every participant has a chance to win. (anyone who signs up could win)

PureVPN Pro Features

Access All Servers

Unlimited Bandwidth (Download, browse, or stream; you remain worry-free since there are no data limits.)

Split Tunneling (You can choose which data to send through VPN and which to send through your ISP.)

Access Any Website

P2P Enabled

Dedicated Streaming Servers (You will be delighted to know that PureVPN has dedicated servers optimized for super-fast streaming.)

Defeat ISP Throttling (You get unlimited server switching to anonymize you, so your ISP is unable to throttle your internet speed.)

Ad Blocking (The built-in ad-blocking feature blocks ads from taking up screen space and stops extra consumption of bandwidth.)

256-Bit Encryption (PureVPN employs top-of-the-line military-grade 256-bit encryption to protect your data.)

👉 Many many more features!

Now you have two options.

  1. Sign up for Ultimate PureVPN Pro Lifetime giveaway now and try to win PureVPN Pro account for life for free. (NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER!)
  2. Close this page and move on with your ordinary life. (and blame others when your privacy is under attack and regret you missed a rare opportunity to win PureVPN Pro for life for free)

Wise people who selected the first option, click the button below and enter the PureVPN Pro giveaway now.

Others who chose the second option close this page.

Wish you all the best!


  1. Having a VPN is so important in todays electronic world. Entering a UpContests giveaway is a great way to get introduced to a good VPN.

    I have never used a VPN before and its about time I started. I’m a newbie to Upcontests and will be a member from here on in.

    Your website is easy to read and navigate. There is a lot of white space on the website that could be utilized without distracting the viewer.

    1. Thanks, Gord for the comment!

      There are A LOT of giveaways on VPN, and other marketing tools are already planned out. – Stay tuned!

      Best of Luck!

  2. This is an awesome giveaway. The offer is very generous. A lifetime account from an excellent VPN service called PureVPN which has a strict security policy to ensures users safety online. I read a lot of good reviews about this VPN service and I really want to win this contest.

  3. Hey Chamal,
    You are so generous, man. You giveaway would make someone life secure forever, so I’m thinking why not me? Let me give it a try.
    Oh and here is why I think I should try winning this PureVPN giveaway:
    Privacy and security are one of my primary concern when I use my smartphone and laptop. I don’t want to be tracked by Google, Amazon, Facebook and other ad agencies. Therefore a trustworthy VPN could help me hiding my internet activity. But a good VPN service is expensive, and I’m not satisfied with the free VPN available out there. I can understand the urgency of a full-featured paid VPN. Now, you are giving away one of the best VPN for a lifetime, I found it and though, this could be my life changer. No more tracking in my virtual life, how awesome is that!!

  4. Thanks Chamal for hosting this Awesome PureVPN giveaway.
    I have been using PureVPN for about 4 years and found it very good.
    Soon coming to the end of my first 5-year subscription plan (at a very reasonable price when compared to other VPN plans) and would love to win this to continue on with PureVPN for life. 🙂

    PureVPN has helped expand my entertainment, access sites otherwise restricted, and better security for my PC and for my internet activity. All this has been great for improving my life and mood – especially as I live a restricted life (and now financially challenged) after becoming a disabled pensioner a number of years ago.
    I streamed Amazon Prime before it was introduced in Australia and PureVPN customer service was always quick to help whenever Amazon made it harder to stream and even have a dedicated Amazon selection in the options.
    Same thing with the UK British Touring Car Championship. After living over there for several years, I found this motorsport to be highly entertaining (particularly as they are constantly bumping each other). PureVPN made it easy to watch by also having a dedicated selection for the TV station.
    There are other sites I like to go to and a lot of them require PureVPN to trick them into thinking I am in another country and prevent tracking my internet usage.

    When I do speed tests using that country’s server (eg – New York USA), I have found there is not a lot of difference generally in speed between having PureVPN on or off. For example – I just did one to the US at 6.30 PM here and got (on & off) Ping 188 ms & 190 ms, Download – 26.6Mb/s & 26.82Mb/s, Upload 5.04Mb/s & 5.10Mb/s. It helps to have a high speed (100Mb/s) plan which can often run at up to 50Mb/s or more in off-peak times to local servers (Sydney) in speed tests.

    PureVPN not only has a dedicated Windows app, but also has an add-on for both Firefox and Chrome. This add-on is very handy to use whilst browsing as it works very well and is always visible on the browser’s toolbar (even showing the flag of the country to which it is presently connected).

    In my humble opinion, Pure VPN lives up to its speed claims, has excellent customer service to back up all it’s great q features and if you need a good VPN, it is well worth spending the money on.

    1. Thanks, Gary for this AWESOME review of PureVPN! – Best comment so far! 🙂

      As a PureVPN Pro customer myself, I am too aware of the ease and the limitless capabilities of PurePVN.

      Best of Luck!

  5. Really would love to have this as i really like to be keep a secret in life and not have my info running around out in cyper space

    1. You participated for the right giveaway!

      If you become the winner, you will have the secrecy for the entire lifetime! 🙂

  6. I really want to win a lifelong VPN!Although I am very unlucky and last time I won only sweets in my childhood. However, I hope for a small chance and for good luck! Thank you.

  7. Thanks for the contest.
    For me, VPN is not just a protection of confidentiality, but also the ability to visit blocked sites in my region.
    And having a good VPN with good bandwidth and stable performance is the key to continuous and safe work on the Internet.

    1. PureVPN Pro Lifetime has got every feature that many people want to secure their privacy and access blocked sites. Wish you all the best for winning this VPN sweepstake!

  8. Thank you for running this contest. Knowing that the winner has a piece of mind when it comes to their personal information and security while using this product is awesome!

  9. I sure can use this, what I have seen this is terrific and to have it for a lifetime would be even better! My house was recently broken into and along with many treasures & memorabilia that I will never get back, my identity was also stolen. This was a mess as I had to go to social security, freeze all 3 credit bureaus, change my bank accts, credit cards, drivers license you name it. This is a night mare it is still happening. I have passwords on all my accounts & my credit is still frozen so I can’t apply for any loans unless I unfreeze my accts at the credit bureaus then I’m taking a risk of being attacked.

  10. This product is amazing, I’ve been letting all my friends know about it. It sure would be great to win this especially for a lifetime.

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