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Nowadays, when you hear Social Media Marketing, one thought comes to everyone’s mind…

…That is ‘Organic Reach.’

It’s no secret that the organic reach of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and most other social networks have been declined drastically over time.

And it doesn’t look like it’ll increase considering how social networks, especially Facebook, encourage publishers to use paid advertising to reach their fans!

Honestly, isn’t it a joke to pay Facebook for sending posts to your fan’s feed?

But, you cannot neglect those social networks as your ideal customers are hanging around in those websites. 

According to the rule of 7 in marketing, your ideal customers usually see your brand/ads at least seven times before making a decision. What are better websites rather than social networks to improve your brand awareness? 

Nothing, right?

The real question is, how do you make attractive, professional, and targeted visuals in less time even if you are not a graphic designer?

You have three choices:

  1. Become a Photoshop expert —  Ah! You hate spending time for learning Photoshop?
  2. Hire someone do it for you — Lack of budget?
  3. Use an online image and animation maker that contains templates — Looks like a reasonable option, right?

Admit it; Unless you are a Photoshop geek or a marketer with a high budget for graphic design, you won’t be able to catch up with the current game of social media marketing.

Luckily for you, we are giving away the best image and animation creator in the world. 

Enter to win PixTeller PRO and DIAMOND Lifetime accounts (Value: $5,520)

What You Can Win:

  1. PixTeller Pro Lifetime (Value: $1,080) — Lucky winner (selected through random-weighted drawing)
  2. PixTeller Pro Lifetime (Value: $1,080) — The referer of the lucky winner (if your referred friend becomes the winner, you are a winner automatically!)
  3. PixTeller Diamond Lifetime (Value: $2,280) — 1st place holder of the leaderboard (aka most points earner)
  4. PixTeller Pro Lifetime (Value: $1,080) — 2nd place holder of the leaderboard (aka 2nd highest points earner)

Click here to participate Ultimate PixTeller Giveaway.

What is PixTeller?

PixTeller is an online image and animation maker tool with tons of features that make creating images for blogging, social media, advertising campaigns, custom occasions super easy!

PixTeller is Ideal for

  • Social Media Marketers —  Make static and animated images and videos for social media campaigns.
  • Bloggers — Make infographics, blog graphics, blog post featured images. short GIF images and more.
  • Freelancers — Make high-quality visuals for your clients and make money
  • Designers — Make quick images, crop existing ones, add filters for quick variations, etc.
  • Advertisers — Boost your advertising campaign’s ROI by using high-engaging ads.
  • Agencies — Make more money with every feature of PixTeller!

PixTeller is ideal for every online marketer. No matter for which industry you are working. There will have at least one use for you with PixTeller that could save money and time of yours. 

Enter now to win one of four PixTeller Pro or Diamond accounts for Life. 

Never pay subscription fees ever again. This is a lifetime opportunity. 

Do not miss it out! — You’ll regret that you lost a chance to win one of four PixTeller accounts.

So, did you sign up for the PixTeller giveaway? What are your experiences?


  1. I would LOVE to win as I am transitioning into working remotely as a graphic designer. This is a big career move for me, but one that is necessary as I am hoping to travel more. This software is exactly what is needed to give myself the jumpstart/kick in the butt I need to begin this next step.

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