2018-12-31 (Round 2)

Announcing Windscribe VPN Pro Lifetime Giveaway Round 2 Winners

Thanks to all participants! It was another awesome giveaway. If you’d like to see the Windscribe Pro Lifetime giveaway another round, let us know.


Congratulations to Round 2 Winners!

1st Place (Most Points)

Laith Harb – Al azraq alshamali, Az zarqa, Jordan

Lucky Winner (Selected by weighted-random draw)

Pradeep Singh – Pathankot, Punjab, India.

The third Windscribe Pro Lifetime account wasn’t given away because the lucky winner wasn’t referred by someone. (e.g: He was a direct visitor)

2018-09-28 (Round 1)

Announcing Ultimate Windscribe VPN Pro Lifetime Giveaway Winners

Here are the winners of the Ultimate Windscribe VPN Pro giveaway.


1st Place

Jackson Woods

Most Points (1st place on the leaderboard)

  • Windscribe VPN Pro Lifetime
  • Hushed Private Phone Line for Lifetime (500 calls or 3,000 SMS in credits every year)
  • Grammarly Premium for Life
  • Full On-page website SEO audit report (declined by Jackson )

Lucky Winner

Bhaa Muhammad

Random winner (selected by random-weighted drawing)

  • Windscribe VPN Pro Lifetime

Referrer of Lucky Winner

Jeroen Veerman

Referrer of the lucky winner

  • Windscribe VPN Pro Lifetime


I’m glad that I’ve decided to join this giveaway

Hey, it’s Jackson. I’m the first place winner and one of three winners of Windscribe VPN Lifetime Giveaway.

How did I win?
All I had to was earning points by completing quests and sharing my referral page on forums, social media pages; and I ended up being on top of the leaderboard.

Did I receive my prices?
Yes. I’ve received my Windscribe VPN Lifetime Account, Hushed Lifetime Private Phone Line Account, and Grammarly Premium Lifetime Account in a week with no problem.

I’m glad that I’ve decided to join this giveaway presented by UpContest.com.

And I win! Who knows, you could too!
Jackson Woods
Windscribe – Hushed Private Phone Line – Grammarly Premium Lifetime Accounts Proof

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