Announcing Ultimate ScrapeBox Giveaway Winners

Here are the winners of Ultimate ScrapeBox giveaway.

scrapebox giveaway winners

1st Place

Jaff Husin

Quezon City, Philippines

Mosts Points (1st place in leaderboard)

  • ScrapeBox License
  • Plugin Bundle
  • 3 month access to Gist (Formerly Convertfox)
  • check
    3 month access to ContentStudio
  • 3 month access to Ninja Outreach
  • On-Page SEO Audit Reports

2nd Place

Jeanette Sheets

Hildebran, North Carolina, USA

2nd most points in the leaderboard

  • ScrapeBox License
  • Plugin Bundle

Lucky winner

Byron Tabor

Dallas, Texas USA

Random winner (selected by weighted-random drawing)

  • ScrapeBox License
  • Plugin Bundle

Note: There were 4 winners to be selected. But, the lucky winner was a direct participant. (e.g: He wasn't referred by someone) Hence, that position was revoked.

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Thanks for every participant!

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