Announcing Ultimate ScrapeBox Giveaway Winners

Here are the winners of the Ultimate ScrapeBox giveaway.

scrapebox giveaway winners

1st Place

Jaff Husin

Quezon City, Philippines

Most Points (1st place on the leaderboard)

  • ScrapeBox License
  • Plugin Bundle
  • 3-month access to Gist (Formerly Convertfox)
  • 3-month access to ContentStudio
  • 3-month access to Ninja Outreach
  • On-Page SEO Audit Reports

2nd Place

Jeanette Sheets

Hildebran, North Carolina, USA

2nd most points on the leaderboard

  • ScrapeBox License
  • Plugin Bundle

Lucky winner

Byron Tabor

Dallas, Texas USA

Random winner (selected by weighted-random drawing)

  • ScrapeBox License
  • Plugin Bundle

Note: There were 4 winners to be selected. But, the lucky winner was a direct participant. (e.g: He wasn’t referred by someone) Hence, that position was revoked.

Ultimate ScrapeBox giveaway was sponsored by

Thanks to every participant!


I love both of them!

“Thank you Chamal for giving me subscriptions to ScrapeBox and ContentStudio! ScrapeBox is an awesome and powerful SEO tool. It has a lot of features and I get to learn them all because I won a LIFETIME license! ContentStudio is the best for scheduling and sharing viral social media posts to grow your social media business pages. I love both of them! Thanks again Chamal and UpContests!”